SMAP Technology was introduced by SuperGeo Technologies and Maction Technologies in July 2008.

The aim of  SMAP is to provide people with digital map databases in order to help them with Internet mapping, various GIS projects and  to also give them the facility to use navigation systems for different fields.
SMAP is most active in countries in Southeast Asia like Singapore and Macau.

It’s aim is to reduce the process of digitalizing and editing maps for cartographers and anyone else that needs to use maps. Therefore, making it convenient and less time consuming for clients to search and use various maps by  integrating and managing all the documents (maps) and data in a centralized online application, which is widely published online for anyone interested to use.

I feel this a very useful application of GIS as it reduces work load and time and is very easy for clients to use in order to complete their projects like creating and studying and researching maps of different locations (cartography).

I also think that this software system should also be introduced in the US.


This is an image of some maps that will incorporate in to their software pretty soon.